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"Inspiring, relatable and motivating."

Rob's Story

At age 22, Rob joined the Police service. Unbeknown to him, this would be the start of a 5 year cycle of poor mental health caused by the traumas he witnessed on the job.

Rob's story is one of personal transformation, resilience, and the pursuit of genuine happiness. Having spent years helping others in their times of crisis, he realised the profound importance of self-care and mental wellbeing, a lesson he learned the hard way. In July 2018 his experiences took their ultimate toll on him and he made plans to take his own life. Caught in a macho culture within the Police force, Rob felt like he couldn't open up to anyone about how he was truly feeling. This resulted in his mental health deteriorating to the point where he felt that there was no option left but to take his life. On the day he decided to take his life, he was saved by his dog. 

Rob struggled on and still never opened up to anyone about his feelings and depression. He was always the one making other people laugh as he wore a mask anytime he left his house. Rob has seen first hand the negative stigmas that exist in society around male mental health and the impacts it has on the individual. Fast forward a couple of years and multiple traumatic incidents, Rob had an awakening. On his last shift Rob witnessed two very traumatic incidents which changed how he viewed life. He witnessed a young male take his own life and his colleague die of a heart attack shortly after. This changed Rob’s life and opened his eyes into understanding how important it was to prioritise his own wellbeing. Rob left the Police after this shift and has subsequently been diagnosed with PTSD. Since, he co-founded Rise of Happiness and delivered a TEDx talk about his experiences. Rob is also a trained mental health first aider and is on a mission to motivate others to prioritise their wellbeing. Rob now delivers workplace wellbeing talks about the importance of wellbeing and looks into the idea of happiness and productivity.


His own journey of overcoming adversity from witnessing countless traumatic incidents during his policing career, serves as a poignant reminder of the need to prioritise mental health. Rob's authenticity and unwavering commitment to mental health advocacy make him a sought-after speaker. Rob is committed to helping businesses prioritise mental health, cultivate resilience, and create a positive work culture where employees can truly thrive instead of just surviving.

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