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Drawing on lived experience as a front-line police officer and evidence-based skills and strategies, these available keynotes can help your organisation thrive.

Rob Hosking TEDx Speaker

Stressing for What?

This keynote aims to unravel this narrative, exploring how a focus on wellbeing isn't just a luxury but a strategic imperative for building a healthier, more productive, and sustainable workplace.

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Mental Health and the Workplace

Ultimately, this keynote aims to inspire organisations to cultivate workplaces where mental wellness is not only valued but actively prioritised, fostering a resilient, empathetic, and successful workforce.

Rob Hosking

Decisive Leadership: Navigating High-Pressure Environments with Confidence

From understanding the psychological aspects of decision-making to implementing effective communication strategies, the presentation will provide actionable insights for staff striving to excel in high-stakes scenarios.

Rob Hosking Wow Festival

Always Choose Happiness

Rob candidly addresses the emotional toll of his profession, revealing the darkness he encountered and the inner battles he fought providing tips to how you can choose happiness in your life.

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Leading Better

'Leading Better' isn't just about authority; it's about fostering an environment where leaders empower their teams, cultivate trust, and drive meaningful change.

Rob Hosking Disrupt HR

The Happy Staff Revolution

Through compelling anecdotes and real-world examples, Rob delves into the strategies and tools that can transform your organisation's approach to mental health and employee happiness.

Rob Hosking

Building Organisational Resilience

From adaptive leadership to fostering a resilient corporate culture, the speech will explore practical approaches to fortifying your organisation's ability to weather storms and emerge more robust than ever.


Embracing Change

Change often triggers uncertainty and apprehension, but it's through these very feelings that we can embark on a voyage of self-exploration. This talk will delve into strategies for not just adapting to change but thriving amidst it

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